Values & Priorities

The management of BMF Port Burgas handles the business processes in the Company with priority on maintaining a balance between the three main pillars of the sustainable corporate development, namely:

  • Economic growth
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental protection

Economic Growth

Leading priorities for BMF Port Burgas are the provision of high quality port services and the increase of the company’s competitiveness.

The Company’s aspiration for constant development is reflected in the investments made in specialization of port terminals, modernization of cargo handling equipment, improvement of the organization of work processes, incorporation of new technologies and good practices, improvement of the existing and construction of new infrastructure and others.

The Company has implemented an Energy Management System / certified under the international standard ISO 50001 /, which along with the economic benefits of controlling more efficient energy use, will also contribute to reducing the harmful impact on the environment of emissions of greenhouse and other gases. 


Social Responsibility


The application of new technologies, the use of new high-tech equipment, the ever expanding sectors and changes in the organization of the work processes go hand in hand with thinking of people, their health and safety.

The management of BMF Port Burgas is socially committed to the constant raising of standards in the field of occupational health and safety, leading to stability and security in economic and social terms. The social policy of BMF Port Burgas as an employer includes maintaining and developing its own Vocational Training Centre. It is the professional knowledge and skills that embody the constant striving to improve the services provided.

BMF Port Burgas has an exceptional responsibility to the society and the institutions not only on the territory of city and municipality of Burgas, but also on a national scale. The management of the company participates in and supports many noble causes and projects related to healthcare, arts, sports and others. The policy of the company’s management is to offer effective and unobtrusive support.

Environmental protection


BMF Port Burgas makes every effort to improve the quality of the environment at the port, placing as a top priority the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution prevention of the water, air, port are infrastructure and the adjacent coastal zone.

As a responsible port operator, BMF Port Burgas carries out regular monitoring of the quality of the environment in the port area. The parameters of water for drinking and household needs, noise and atmospheric air are monitored. The relevant sampling and subsequent analyses are performed by independent accredited laboratories.

BMF Port Burgas has a registration document issued by the Ministry of Environment and Water for carrying out activities for collection and transportation of waste (generated by shipping and / or production activities). 

Since the beginning of the company’s activity in 2012 until this moment no ecological incidents have occurred on the port territory managed by BMF Port Burgas .

The environmentally friendly management of the port terminals and the constant integration of innovations related to the use of renewable energy, introduction of alternative fuels, digitalization of processes, contribute to a significant reduction of adverse impacts of the port activities on environment  in the area inside and around the Port. With the introduction of procedures under the Еnergy management system, the company aims to ensure a more responsible use of available resources and reduce the harmful impact on the environment from port activities.

In order to be “greener” we have focused significant resources on modernization and development of the railway infrastructure in the port terminals, in order to ultimately support the logistics of cargo in the port, transported by rail transport from and to the hinterland.

An ongoing project is the modernization of the existing mechanization and its re-equipment to alternative power supply, that is more environmentally friendly, as well as the purchase of latest technologies equipment.

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