Liquid Cargo

Liquid cargo complex

Berth 20 A is specialized for direct handling of liquid cargoes such as diesel, kerosene and derivatives with a similar flash point. It is designated for direct discharging and loading of tankers and can process tankers with a draft of up to 6.50 m and length of 170 m.

LPG Complex

This is the only sea port terminal specialized in discharging of LPG. The complex offers excellent logistics and high performance of tanker handling – up to 2 000 MT per 24 hours. It relies on most advanced automated measurement and control system.

Sulfuric Acid Complex

A newly built specialized complex for handling and storage of sulfuric acid attracted cargo that is brand new for the Burgas Port. It provides fully automated direct discharging from railway tanks into storage tanks and dispatching onto vessel.

Оil bitumen discharging installation

Port Terminal Burgas East II has a new equipment for direct discharging of vessels with oil bitumen. The facility was put into operation in July 2021 and allows the simultaneous filling of up to 2 pcs. railway tanks and 1 pc. auto tank. The design of the bitumen installation allows it to be moved according to the operational needs of the terminal.

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