Grain cargo

Silo Complex

Port Terminal East II has e modern high-tech silo complex, that allows handling of grain carriers of the Panamax type. The total storage capacity of the silo complex is nearly 119,000 cub. meters. Current loading capacity of the complex is 1200 cub.meters per hour. 

All silos are equipped with the most modern system for thermal control and dual zone ventilation floor

Berth 24

Port Terminal Burgas West offers a conveyer belt system and adjacent warehouses for loading of grain cargo with  large capacity of 8000/11000 tons of cargo for 12 hours. 

Installation for the handling of grain cargo in 20 'containers

The Container Terminal of the port has a unique for the Bulgarian market installation for handling of grain cargo in 20‘ containers. The optimal loading capacity of a 20 ‘container with any respective grain is reached in just 15 minutes – the time from the positioning of the container on the installation to the issuance of a scales note after the stuffing.

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