COVID-19 prevention measures

In connection with the epidemic situation created on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, in order to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19, BMF Port Burgas EAD, responsibly and in a timely manner, has taken all possible measures to protect the health of its employees, as well as third parties, fulfilling all official duties within the company. The measures were determined after consultation with a number of specialists in the field of infectious diseases, personal and collective protective equipment, etc. BMF Port Burgas EAD strictly complies with all received prescriptions and recommendations of the health authorities.

Measures taken to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19 on the territory of BMF Port Burgas EAD are:

  1. Strict restrictive access control on the territory of BMF Port Burgas for all persons.
  2. Mandatory wearing of respiratory protective equipment for everyone within the territory of BMF Port Burgas.
  3. Provision of personal protective equipment for all employees of the company.
  4. Restrictive closure of pedestrian access points to the territory of BMF Port Burgas EAD for an indefinite period.
  5. Body temperature monitoring of all persons entering the territory of BMF Port Bourgas. Carrying out medical examinations of persons before providing access. Preventing persons with fever and flu-like symptoms, with instructions for taking treatment measures.
  6. Mass information campaign within the territory of BMF Port Burgas EAD through electronic newsletters, announcements, posters and flyers.
  7. Recommendations for strict monitoring by each employee of BMF Port Burgas about their personal health.
  8. Recommendations for high general rules on personal and nutritional hygiene.
  9. Recommendations for observing high hygiene when visiting and using separate dining places on the territory of the company.
  10. Recommendations to all employees to avoid public transport, if possible. When unable to avoid using public transport to be particularly careful and apply measures to increase their personal hygiene.
  11. Recommendations to all employees to avoid visits to gathering places (cultural events, public events, bars, gaming halls, discos, restaurants, cinemas, etc.).
  12. Recommendations to all employees to avoid contact with visibly ill people.
  13. Provision of disinfectants at work sites, buildings, individual and common work premises.
  14. Cleaning of individual and common working premises with disinfectants.
  15. Periodic airing of work premises at the beginning of the working day and during the working day.
  16. Handling of all documents and consignments with disposable gloves. Disposal of documents or consignments in specially designated areas.
  17. Suspension of all business trips in the country and abroad, except in absolutely urgent cases.
  18. Restriction of visits to outsiders in the company office premises, and in cases of absolute necessity, access is made after monitoring of body temperature and external flu-like symptoms.
  19. Provision of special containers for the collection and disposal of used masks and gloves, in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities.

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