Approved Economic Operator

As of January 27, 2018, BMF PORT BURGAS EAD has the status of Approved Economic Operator (AEO) and has a combined Certificate of simplified Customs Clearance / Safety and Security/ /AEOF/ .

This status and certificate is provided by the Customs Agency after a thorough audit of the activities of BMF PORT BURGAS EAD and after covering the high requirements of the customs authorities. The AEOF is the highest level of the certificate. This status is recognized throughout the European Union. Its ownership means increased reliability and security of our supply chain services. The main advantages that the AEO Certificate provides are:

  •      Choosing a place offcontrol;
  •      Easy access to electronic customs services;
  •      Reduced physical and documentary control;
  •      Priority processing of shipments in the Customs Agency system;
  •      Better cooperation with the customs authorities;
  •      Guaranteed good reputation of BMF PORT BURGAS EAD, representing its clients before the Customs Agency, against companies that do not hold the certificate in question;
  •      Mutual recognition in relation to bilateral agreements between the European Union and third countries.

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