Internship at BMF Port Burgas

Nearly 100 students from Burgas vocational high schools will perform their compulsory teaching practices on the territory of BMF Port Burgas

During the first term of this school year, students from the heat engineering class of the Penyo Penev Vocational School of Building Construction and Installations and from the port mechanization class of the Vocational School of Transport will acquire professional skills here. For the second term, the internships of students from the gas engineering class of PGSI “Penyo Penev” and from the Vocational School of Maritime Navigation and Fishing “St. Nicholas” are planned, which will be provided with training practice of a tug – the latest generation. All provided internships are free for the students.

As a socially responsible company, BMF Port Burgas EAD is committed to young people and ready to contribute to the quality of their education. During their internship in the port in a real work environment, students will acquire more skills, will learn to comply with safety requirements, will be able to make the right choice of future profession.

The company has built a partnership with the above three Burgas high schools to meet the modern requirements for business commitment to education, which is among the priorities of the Ministry of Education. For BMF Port Burgas, receiving professional education and raising the qualification are activities of special importance. The company manages its own Vocational Training Centre, which, in addition to improving the skills of the company’s employees, also offers training to external students. In the Centre everyone can receive practical training and acquire professional qualification in the specialties: fitter of lifting and transport equipment / courses for crane operators /, of motor transport equipment, technician of railway equipment / locomotives and wagons /, welder, locksmith. In 2018, the material base of the Centre was completely renovated. The classrooms for theory lessons have interactive whiteboards and computers. The internship is conducted in training workshops, which means training in a real work environment and an opportunity to acquire professional skills with modern equipment. Both part-time teachers and specialists from the company with many years of experience are involved in the training.

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