New jetties for Ro-Ro services

BMF Port Burgas has built and put into operation a new logistics base, that will receive, store and tranship equipment for the development of petrol fileds in Kazahstan. The Southern Transhipment base has been built in line with a contract with the Belgium company ЅАRЕNЅ N.V. – the operator of the oil field ТеngіzСhеvrОіl (TCO).

The Southern Transhipment base was officially opened on August 23th 2018. Formal guests to the opening ceremony were representatives of local and national institutions, as well as partners of BMF Port Burgas along the project construction and the banks, that supported its realization. The official opening in Burgas was visited by the Senior Manager in Projects and Logistics in Chevron and President to ЅАRЕNЅ N.V – Mr. Ludo Sarens and his teams.

In order to meet the project prerequisites BMF Port Burgas undertook massive construction activities. Dredging of a mass of 350 000 cub.m. was performed, quay wall of 120 m was built consisting of 4 pcs. caissons and a jerry of 120m, 9 dolphins with a piers’ length of 220 m and depth of 12,2m, along with 10 ha concrete storage area.

During the base construction under the general management of BMF Port Burgas have participated over 100 companies – subcontractors, the better part of them form the city of Burgas, but also some foreign companies from Turkey, The Nederland and else.

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